Each of our training offerings centers learners on the concept, "Culture eats curriculum for breakfast." In order to effectively teach, lead, or make any lasting impact, you must start by understanding and responding to culture first.

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For Educators

For School & District Leaders

For MILO Alumni

6-module program for educators, diversity leaders, counselors, and instructional coaches to:

  • Increase awareness of racial disparities
  • Use online tools to better serve all students
  • Create engaging, culturally-responsive curriculum
  • Engage in effective conversations about race

Specialized track of our teacher training program for school and district leaders to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in equity
  • Establish standards of equity
  • Communicate standards and provide support
  • Assess educator effectiveness

Community members continue the conversation they started in our training programs as they:

  • Collaborate with fellow educators nationwide
  • Share best practices
  • Continue learning through facilitated discussions and fireside chats
  • Build strong connections in community of teacher support


Certified Educators


Administrators Trained


Districts Affected


Students Impacted

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"The experience further boosted my efforts to end systemic educational racism." -Mary T. • "My experience in the MILO Community was AWESOME. I really connected with everyone." -Keleen W. • "Stupendous!" -Nicole Q. • "I love that the program's leaders are speaking their truth and sharing their stories. Because of that I have a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding equity." -Deborah S. • The best thing I learned from the program is how to be more equitable and a culturally responsive teacher." -Jared K.

More than
professional development

Our learning experiences are about connection. During the course of our time together, you will connect deeply with yourself, your students, and the MILO community.

"I LOVE being a student. I LOVE taking notes. I LOVE how thoughtful the course is - how relevant everything I'm learning is to my work, and my practice as an arts educator and program director. I LOVE the lessons - the pre-work, the webinars, the mix of videos, audio, podcasts, reading, and challenging us to use technology and put us in the seat of the student experience. I LOVE how the lessons model culturally responsive teaching. I LOVE the live sessions - its been amazing to connect with colleagues around this work and learning from other educators. INVALUABLE! I love how the artifact excel doc is organized and how easy it is to submit. I'm learning SO MUCH!" - Amanda H.

Energizing, Supportive, and Engaging

District leaders and principals bring MILO into their schools not only for creating more equity and inclusion, but also for building community and providing a source of energy and support for their teachers.


"I love the conversations with all the amazing educators. People are bringing their truths, vulnerability, and it's a wonderful space to hear people's stories and learn from one another. I also appreciate learning from your course design: the ways you structured each week, created opportunities for flexibility and choice, and practice what you preach about culturally responsive practices for adults (e.g., modeling metacognition)." - Lisa H