We love what we do, and we take pride in our work. But don't take our word for it...

We love what we do, and we take pride in our work. But don't take our word for it...

Scroll down to hear from educators about their experiences in the program.

MILO Founder and CEO, Gary Mack Sits Down
with SNHU President, Dr. Paul J. LeBlanc 


"You always know you're doing the real work when it gets uncomfortable." 

- Dr. Paul J. LeBlanc

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"I suppose the biggest thing I've learned can be summed up in the oft quoted phrase, ‘Culture eats curriculum for breakfast.’ I have been excited to see my students be willing to risk more and try harder with the changes I am making in my classes based on what I've been learning in this course." - Lisa R.


"I love the conversations with all the amazing educators. People are bringing their truths, vulnerability, and it's a wonderful space to hear people's stories and learn from one another. I also appreciate learning from your course design: the ways you structured each week, created opportunities for flexibility and choice, and practice what you preach about culturally responsive practices for adults (e.g., modeling metacognition)." - Lisa H.


"I loved the rigor. It was a lot of work but forced me to be reflective of my practices in the classroom and on a personal level. I learned that my voice matters and this work is important and worth it. These conversations are uncomfortable but necessary." - Monique G.


"I love that the program's leaders are speaking their truth and sharing their stories. Because of that I have a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding equity." - Deborah S.


"The protocol for courageous conversations helped me understand that everyone's voice should be heard, it is ok to be uncomfortable in difficult conversations, and that closure is not a necessary part of an impactful conversation."
- Sara G.


"Meeting people from all over the country and also having members from my district to talk with was great. The three Cs of anti-racism with Marcus Moore was the best part for me. I also liked the teaching strategies (perspective taking)" - Kate G.


"I love the asynchronous and synchronous learning that is associated with the program. The protocols/norms that are in place serves as reminders to speak our truth. The facilitators are awesome and structure of how time is spent is right on point. I also like that we get to apply what we learned in our field and receive feedback from peers and the Milo Team." - Nicole Q.


"I love everything about the program. I love the Wednesday sessions, the incredible resources you shared, the layout of the curriculum, the scaffolded approach to learning, the incorporation of the above the neck and below the neck domains, the modeling, the small group and whole group activities and the Saturday feedback sessions and protocols. I learned so much. It is difficult to pinpoint one best thing. I loved practicing the use of the CCAR, I learned COOLE and learned new strategies for incorporating these practices in my building. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!" - Iris W.

"I loved the repetition of concepts throughout the program. When I am learning something new, I need to continually go back and look at and revisit new concepts, especially when applying them to different situations. The best thing I learned from the program was really how to apply the 4 agreements and how necessary they are for us to move forward in conversations working towards change." - Lorraine D.

"I honestly really loved the fact that it was very flexible. I mentioned before that I am a new mom and I have a three month old (now four) so I wasn't able to attend the live sessions, which I wish I could because my colleagues who also took this course said those discussions were amazing and dialogue was very eye-opening. I think the best things I could take away from the program are the resources and strategies." - Mikaela D.